the petroleum downstream industry in Ghana


the petroleum downstream industry in Ghana.


the petroleum downstream industry in Ghana.

Welcome to National Petroleum Authority - NPA

The National Petroleum Authority was established by an Act of Parliament (NPA Act 2005, ACT 691) to regulate the petroleum downstream industry in Ghana. As a Regulator, the Authority ensures that the industry remains efficient, profitable, fair, and at the same time, ensuring that consumers receive value for money.


Our Technical Departments


The Licensing Directorate has the core mandate of granting licences and permits to Petroleum Service Providers (PSPs) in the Petroleum Downstream Industry.


The Directorate monitors the design, construction of petroleum infrastructure and operations of PSPs. It focuses on standards and Health, Safety and Environmental issues.


The UPPF ensures that petroleum products are transported throughout the country in a manner that is simple, effective and inexpensive to operate administratively.

Quality Assurance

It is responsible for checking and controlling malpractices that result in loss of government revenue and a secondary effect of interference with product quality.

ER & P

The ER & P Directorate monitors the supply and consumption of petroleum products around the country to ensure that there are adequate stocks to meet the needs of the country.


The Gas Directorate handles all activities in the operations of natural gas, which stems from processing, storage, through transmission to distribution.

24/7 Support

Initiate and conduct investigations into standards of quality of petroleum products offered to consumers.

Expert Analysis

Conduct studies relating to the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the downstream industry.

100% Satisfaction

Protect the interests of consumers and Petroleum Service Providers (PSPs).

Certified Company

Grant licenses to applicants under the Act establising the National Petroleum Authority (NPA).