The Gas Department of the National Petroleum Authority is newly established and handles all activities in the operations of natural gas, which stems from processing, and storage, through the distribution transmission.

The Department regulates natural gas market activities by monitoring the operations of the gas market, encouraging new investments, introducing competition amongst potential market players by allowing Third Party Access to gas networks and available facilities on a fair and non-discriminatory basis, as well as ensuring that good quality service is provided by market players.

The department also performs all Pricing (economic) functions of the natural gas, as well as offering technical support and granting licenses and permits to all Service Providers that wish to undertake any natural gas activity.

  • Oversight responsibility of all operations in the natural gas industry.
  • Monitoring the performance of all Gas market players (processing, transportation, storage, distribution and marketing activities.)
  • Determining the price of natural gas to the offtake for power generation and industries.
  • Setting the methodologies for the calculation of tariffs for access of gas networks and facilities.
  • Reviewing service charges to the natural gas price build-up, (gathering charges, transmission charges, regulatory levy and aggregator margin).
  • Issuance of Permits and Licenses to various Service Providers that undertake natural gas activities.
  • Approving codes for using gas networks and facilities.
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