Licensing Department

The Licensing Department has the core mandate of granting licences and permits to Petroleum Service Providers (PSPs) in the Petroleum Downstream Industry. The activities and operations of the Licensing Department is strongly backed by Sections 11 (1) and (2) of the NPA Act, Act 691 which stipulate that:
  1. A person shall not engage in a business or commercial activity in the downstream industry unless that person has been granted a license for that purpose by the Board.
  2. The business or commercial activities of the downstream industry in respect of crude oil, gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, kerosene and other designated petroleum products are: (a) Importation, (b) Exportation, (c) Re-exportation, (d) Shipment, (e) Transportation, (f) Processing (g) Refining, (h) Storage, (i) Distribution, (j) Marketing, and (k) Sale.
Specific activities include;
  • Issue Permits and licenses to various Petroleum Service Providers (PSPs);
  • Maintain a register on licenses and permits issued to various categories of PSPs;
  • Develop Guidelines/Regulations for the operations of PSPs in collaboration with other departments/departments within the Authority;
  • Develop Licensing frameworks for various PSPs;
  • In line with provisions of Act 691, the Licensing Department maintains an up-to-date register of all PSPs licensed by the Authority;
  • Collaborate with the Inspections & Monitoring Department to inspect the facilities of PSPs e.g. Petroleum Product Retail Outlets, LPG Filling Plants, petroleum storage depots, etc. to ensure conformity with best practice and protocols in the petroleum downstream industry;
  • Collaborate with the Inspections & Monitoring Department to inspect Processing facilities such as: refineries, gas processing plants, waste oil recycling plants and lube blending facilities; and
  • Collaborate with the Inspections & Monitoring Department to develop Checklists for the Inspection of the facilities of PSPs.
Benjamin Agyare

Benjamin Agyare

Director, Licensing
Bridgette Abakah Turkson

Bridgette Abakah Turkson

Head, Licensing

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Initiate and conduct investigations into standards of quality of petroleum products offered to consumers.

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Conduct studies relating to the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the downstream industry.

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Protect the interests of consumers and Petroleum Service Providers (PSPs).

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Grant licenses to applicants under the Act establising the National Petroleum Authority (NPA).