LPG dealers in Upper East welcome CRM to increase access and create jobs
May 1, 2024
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LPG dealers in Upper East welcome CRM to increase access and create jobs

Dealers of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) in the Upper East have welcomed the implementation of the Cylinder Recirculation Model (CRM) policy as it will improve their distribution of LPG to reach more consumers and create jobs.

The dealers expressed their support for the CRM policy in separate engagements when officials of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) visited their LPG refilling stations as part of a consumer sensitization on CRM Programme in the region.

Some of the dealers had earlier raised concerns about the potential loss of jobs due to the implementation of CRM.

However, after explanations by officials of the NPA, the LPG dealers realized that their transition to the CRM model would enable them to reach new customers efficiently and create new jobs in the process as more hands would be required at their stations.

The purpose of the visit by the NPA officials was to further engage LPG dealers who interface with consumers at the regional level to further explain the CRM policy to them, address their concerns and inform them of the processes they need to go through to transition.

During the discourse, the paramount concern of making LPG accessible and safe for all was emphasized. This resonated with the attending operators of LPG refilling outlets, who expressed apprehension about potential business disruptions arising from the implementation of the CRM policy.

In response to these concerns, Mr.Obed Boachie Kraine, Head ,Commercial Gas Regulation at the NPA who led these engagements, reassured the dealers/operators that the CRM would not lead to job losses.
Mr. Boachie debunked that assertion explaining that on the contrary CRM will create new job opportunities as the value chain will be expanded.
He said, “additional personnel will be required for the operation of the LPG dealers particularly in the distribution of cylinders to their resellers.
He added that new jobs in areas such as the transportation of cylinders, the construction of cages, cylinder maintenance and refurbishment, cylinder delivery services, and related services would increase jobs in the sector.

He said, this engagement underscores the collaborative approach adopted by the NPA to address industry challenges and foster sustainable growth.
The NPA remains committed to facilitating constructive dialogue and supporting stakeholders as Ghana progresses towards a safer, more efficient energy future, he added.

The Head of Consumer Services at the NPA, Mrs Eunice Budu Nyarko, stressed that it was important for customers of petroleum products, especially LPG to feel safe in their use of LPG. She said the CRM would improve the relationship between LPG dealers and their customers as they would be closer in their communities.
The Upper East Regional Manager of NPA, Bashiru Natogma on his part encouraged dealers in the region to embrace the CRM.

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